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I'm guessing from your question that you're using a parallel loop. You can do this, but you'd have to add a line mixer. You'd split the signal coming from the loop send into both pedals, then mix the output of the pedals in the line mixer and send the mixer's output back to the loop return.

This is done in a lot of rack systems, but I haven't seen it done with pedals only, probably because most line-mixers are rackmount or tabletop. You could use one of the small, 4 channels or so, tabletop mixers on top of your amp, but I haven't seen any line mixers in pedal form.

Loop Send >> | >> TF >> Mixer Channel 1 |

| | Mixer Out >> Loop Return

| >> MF >> Mixer Channel 2 |

You may lose more sound quality going through a cheap mixer than you would using DSP bypass, though.

Just my two cents, and I'm not trying to convince you of anything, but series loops aren't nearly as bad as their reputation. In this case, it'd be a lot easier to setup and you'd get to keep the tails of your delays (DSP+DLY bypass). True bypass is much more important in front of an amp (when dealing with high impedence signals and lower levels) than it is in a loop, not to mention that with a properly designed buffer in the pedal (the buffers in all of the Factor pedals are really good, Boss & Visual Sound use good buffers, too, as do most modern pedals), it's really unnecessary almost everywhere (vintage-type pedals, specifically wah, fuzz, and treble boosters being exceptions).