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Thank you for the reply. I wish I had gotten that earlier. Here is the troubleshooting I went through.

Failed updating device PF-06310.

Cannot find unit after restart.

Please reboot your device and try updating again.

That was the [collapse]original message.

Then I tried on a Win XP machine. Forced unit into update mode by holding middle ftswitch.

Then I get this message:

erases data

failed updating device PF-06310

error updating device

plese reboot

Back on OSX 10.6.6 I check Audio-Midi setup and realize that the operating system DOES in fact see my pitchfactor as a midi device just fine. It's Eventide Update utility that does not.

I then booted into Win 7 on my macbook with bootcamp. Then I finally had a successful update.

Man that was some work