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Hey Jrjones,

Sorry but the modfactor makes a subpar reverb pedal for your application. I Think, don't quote me on this, SPACE only has two things on the Strymon; the MangelVerb and Blackhole (trademark). I have the perfect solution- Digitech Expression Factory.

i got it a refurbished one for 130 just for mode 3, the SpaceStation, it's my only orginal pedal my board has left after going all MIDI. This effect is what these new pedals are hoping to accomplish, IMO. it has predelay lines, pitch shift, and chorus all in one. look up some youtube demos let me know what you think.

Warning- the reason is so cheap is becuase is not really THAT tweekable. you can't change the pre-delay lines or mix in the dry signal. that's why i hope SPACE has a detune option. I looked at the RV-5 and i got the impression i wasn't IN the room it was trying to simulate lol