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Yeah, sorry, should have included more info. MF running in front of amp along with the two Boss pedals I mentioned: Tuner, Wah, two Boss pedals, MF, then amp.

It's more of a "flangy-jet" sound. It's subtle, but I would say the Classic chorus has more of it than the other chorus's. I know part of it is that I am so used to my old chorus. I hate to even think about how long I have had that thing. I spent a couple of hours messing with it some more  this morning and was able to dial some of it out using the Dmod/Smod and Mod Source set to Random. The shape set to Random was kinda interesting as well.

The tone thing I mentioned is patch specific. I am not saying that overall the MF does a certain thing to the tone. I have just noticed it on certain things/patches.

Oh, and I am running the v3.