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Billy Foppiano

Thanks fer gettin back…..
I am using (among other amps) a Mesa Mark 3 (with the Volume Mod)…
I found that using the MF in the EFX loops overdrove the TF so I used it before the efx loop. ….
I also have to use it in series with my Fender Cyber-twin, which has a stereo effx loop, but you can't use the stereo effx when you go upstream of the effx loop.
It overdrives here too…There's an impendence mismatch…It would be GREAT to have a way to match input/output , so you could recover the gain you lose coming in…

I'll put the TF in the loops , and it works great…

I agree totally-The chorus,flangers, phasers sound way to "digi"….and the auto wah,wahs, and Q filters seem too brite…..I have difficulty in getting "usable" tones.

Guys in the band (and me) love the Rotary…I don't use overdrive with the MF…BUT using the brake is WAY cool…
I'm working with the trem to get it more "Fender-ey"….and the Vibrato is usable….

It would be nice to flange and phase, but I JUST can't get the sound…..Getting a "woosh" is tough, and just getting a warm, sound is hard. I know these are "hippy" terms, but the high endy, spikey nature of the box is hard to get around. I'm gonna work on getting simple, warm patches this week. I'll letcha know if I have any luck…BUT believe me, I have worked with this dang thing (and believe me, I am an effx tweaker!),I'm having a tough time getting usable warm tones here.

Good to network with you on this….It ain't just me!