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I have just got my Modfactor (had a Timefactor for a couple of years). Timefactor is in the amp (Mesa Lone star Special) loop. I placed the Modfactor before the amp. For information I bought the Modfactor to replace a beautiful Hartman flanger (which is great but really only only does one thing, albeit very well), a BYOC Phase Royal, (again a very nice pedal), and a Stereo Electric Mistress. Some good sound but I wanted the Midi control of the Modfactor to compliment my Musicom switching system and Midi enabled Timefactor. Just to be clear I am aware of and do use the guitar/line level switches acording to how the factors are set up. On firing up the Modfactor my first  priority was to get a Rush/Floyd'ish flanger setting to match the Hartman. I found that whatever I did there was a grating harsh grainy quality to the high end, particularly letting any note, open or fretted ring out on the top E. Very dissapointing, so at this point the Hartman is staying on the board. I then got a really nice subtle chorus that thickens the sound up when used with distortion, and am liking some of the other effects, (very limited use at this point) but I can't get past the grainy harsh high end thing when I want a nice chorusy/flangy clean tone. This morning I just put the Modfactor in the loop. Chain is Loop Send to Timefactor, into the Modfactor, into Bos GE-7 into amp return.  This has improved things no end. I have been A Bing the Hartman with the Modfactor (Modfactor using patch 40:1 subtle flange2 as a starting point and tweaking from there) and the Modfactor is sounding very good. The Hartman is a bit warmer but the Modfactor is very good and if I couldn't do a direct comparison with the Hartman I probably wouldn't notice too much. I also don't really know what all the controls on the Modfactor do yet so I am sure it will be improved as I get used to tweaking it. All in all it is still early days but I can see the Modfactor is a keeper, and I may have no excuse to hang on to the Hartman….. although I'm wondering if having a great mod effect in front of the amp may be useful to combine with some of the Modfactor effects in the loop.

If you haven't already you may wish to check out Burgermans Youtube demos of some of his sounds. See post below.


Regards and good luck