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I just bought a new Pitchfactor and am having this same problem.

I recently sent this message to support@eventide.com.

I recently purchased a new Eventide Pitchfactor and am having a problem controlling its
parameters using MIDI. I have updated the firmware on the
Pitchfactor to the latest OS (Update V3) from the Eventide

Specifically, I am trying to control the Pitchfactor using
MIDI signals sent from an Elektron Monomachine. I have
successfully been able to change the parameters on the
Pitchfactor using MIDI CCs from the Monomachine but the
Pitchfactor does not respond to MIDI Pitch Bend (Wheel)
signals from the Monomachine.

I have the Pitchfactor's MIDI Receive Channel and MIDI Sysex
Channel both set to MIDI Channel 4 and the Monomachine also
set to output on MIDI Channel 4. As I said, the Pitchfactor
does successfully respond to regular MIDI CCs from the
Monomachine in this configuration.

When I switch the Pitchfactor into Utility mode and navigate
to the MIDI settings for Receive MIDI Control the MIDI Learn
function on the Pitchfactor correctly identifies incoming
MIDI CCs from the Monomachine but does respond to incoming
MIDI Pitch Bend.

I have monitored the MIDI signals output by the Monomachine
using the software program 'MIDI Monitor' under OSX and have
confirmed that the Monomachine is correctly sending MIDI Pitch
Bend on the correct channel (MIDI Channel 4), so it is not a
problem with the MIDI signal generated by the Monomachine.

I have looked through the posting on the Knowledge Base page
of the Eventide website and have not seen any posts concerning
this problem.

Please let me know what I need to do so that I can get the
Pitchfactor to respond to incoming MIDI Pitch Bend signals.