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I was the one who posted that video. It started happening pretty soon after I upgraded my Timefactor to the newest firmware.

I have done a ton of troubleshooting to try and determine what's wrong, and it's all come down to the pedal. I've tried different amps, NO amps (plugged straight into my computer interface), I've tried putting a buffered pedal before it, I've tried re-initializing and resetting the unit. NONE of these things has changed that noise, it's always there now.

I've been having a conversation with an Eventide representative over email that hasn't been all that helpful. They keep telling me to try it in an effects loop, but that's not going to work in my setup. If the only way I can use this pedal is in an effects loop, then I will be selling this pedal to get something else.

I know for a fact that other people on this forum and other forums (TGP) and on YouTube are having this issue. So Eventide people, can you tell me anything more about this? I'm hoping to send it in to get fixed, but I'm waiting for my representative to get back to me.