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I just hooked mine up and it is doing the same thing. It is right out of the box. This is very upsetting to me. I bought this unit because it was suppose to be the top of the line. For $400 it should not be producing this hiss. I havent even played through it yet. I just spent about 2k on my new rig (not including the amp) and this was the most expensive peice. It was between the Empress and this. I chose this for the ease of bank switching (I do wish you could "Bank Down" though).

Just out of curiosity, does a noise reduction unit after the delay filter out the hiss. I have a total of 11 pedals. I have used all but 2., The TF and the micro POG with no noise to speak of. It is for sure the pedal. I have a Boss Noise suppressor lying around. I am gonna try that just to see if it works. If it does the job, I guess I will get a Decimator to kill the noise. I'll let ya know