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Thanks for the link, Tim.  This is what I'd been waiting for.  I'm not sure that I have a need for another 'verb in the live rig, but this unit is obviously not just another reverb.  Some of the more complex algorithms here have really caught my eye.  Often, a subtle reverb will get lost in the room at a gig, and the larger synthetic spaces become exaggerated.  Space looks like it could become part of the 'composition' itself, though.

BTW:  I'll always be a guitarist, first and foremost, but I play enough instruments to force a wider perspective.  Ever since I started, I've been playing keyboards like a guitar, and trying to make my guitar into a synthesizer.  MIDI guitar tracking still leaves something to be desired.  But a handful of sophisticated stompboxes (Eventides; AdrenaLinn III; Pigtronix, and the like), some rack processors, and a controller to tie it all together come a lot closer to the modular system of my dreams.

Congratulations on the new purchase, and be sure to let us know how it all works together in your setup.  I suspect that you'll be giving Space (and especially that Hot Switch) a thorough workout.