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So yeah, I did miss that you can already do this in the PF. I'd like to see it in the TF and MF, too. In a larger sense, I'd like to see all four Factors handle MIDI CC data assignments in similar fashion, as well as the new Hot switch or similar functionality added to the Flex, Brake, and Repeat switches. Of course, spillover, too (missing in the MF's Undulator).

I'll be curious to see the new active/up/down bank mode, too. I've gotten pretty used to ?:1,/?:2/ Up, but I may like the new system better and it might be a nice option to be able to configure all the pedals in either method if ET adds that to a future update.

So, Brock got me thinking about CV controllers some more… that Moog MP-201 looks like it has definite game-changer capabillity…

I think it would be nice if the MF was capable of transmitting its LFOs over MIDI CC. Then we could use any of those "shapes" (I'm particularly interested in Random, SMP/HLD, ENV, and ADSR), especially if it could be in combination with the 2nd LFO (either as 2 CCs or combined into 1 CC). I know the other Factors have LFOs, too, but the MF seems the logical place for this, since it's LFOs are more complex than the others'. Then, we could use it to control pitches (PF), or modulate any delay (TF), or any reverb (S), among literally hundreds of other combinations (using the LFO to modulate the ExpPedal, which in turn can be linked to any or all of the knobs' parameters).

I also think it would be nice if the PF transmitted MIDI Note data, too. This may be getting too close to GuitarSynth Land, but I doubt that the PF is extracting nearly the amount of data that a dedicated MIDI Pickup does. However, the ability to control an analog mono synth would be really cool. I agree, Brock, that MIDI guitar tracking still leaves something to be desired. I remember playing with one of the first Roland Guitar Synths back in '87 (I believe), and it wasn't awful, but that was 24 years ago and I'd have thought it'd have improved, well, more than it has (not knocking Roland here, referring to MIDI guitar tracking in general).

Brock, have you tried the Moog CP-251? That looked pretty interesting, too, although it lacks the uilt-in footcontrols of the MP-201. Then I had a strange idea… what about a Mood Etherwave Plus? Since those also transmit MIDI CC data… you could control the harmony mix or pitch, or change the speed & depth of a flanger, or work both the time and feedback knobs to get the TF to self-oscillate, all just by waving your hands in front of a couple of antennas. Oh, and if that got boring, I could do my best Jimmy Page imitation!! 😉 Or play the Theme to Star Trek… LOL! Seriously, using a Theremin as a CC transmitter sounds like it might have some intriguing possibilities.

It really is a completely different mindset than what guitarists usually operate in, although it sounds like you've got a "bit" of experience with it (much more than I) and I'm sure my old keyboardist would be right at home. After all, all of these things are just tools that are supposed to inspire musicality and creativity. I haven't had a lack of either since I impemented my first Eventide about a year ago, and the possibility of using them in this manner just ramps it up even more.

Thanks to both you guys for your input here! I'm sure I'll be thinking about this for awhile and I'm curious where that train of thought will lead.