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Sorry it's been a little while since I've found the time to respond here. I've been busy with the Space… it's really an incredible piece of kit, just amazing! Thank you, Eventide, for making this one, it's everything I'd hoped it would be!!

I also wanted to say thank you, again, Brock, for all your insights! I've really learned a lot from our discussion; it's helped me think of some entirely new ways to use my gear, very inspirational!

I agree with you about the foresight shown in the MIDI implementation of the MPX-1. I'm not sure why other companies haven't done similar things. From a programmatic perspective, I don't believe it would be that difficult to implement. I mean, the data is already there, as is the transmisson mechanism, so it seems all that would remain is to link the two. Of course, I'm not a DSP programmer, so I don't really know…

As for the Eclipse, from what I can gather, it doesn't transmit very much of its internal controller data via MIDI. It does seem to be very flexible, though, in being able to use MIDI CC data to manipulate all of the parameters of it's algorithms.

And yeah, absolutely, the point of all of this is to not sound (or play) like anyone else… to try to get the sounds I hear in my head to come out of my speakers, to find inspiration for new ways to express myself.