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I also dowloaded V 3.0.0beta[16] last evening.   The update went OK, but a few presets changed quite dramatically.  Three of these were user presets and it appears that there was a change to feedback settings that made everything squeal badly.  I was able to manually change the settings back and things were fine.

Presets 6.1 (Anthem), 15.1 (910 Chorus) and 15.2 (chorus room) also had problems.  The pitch settings changed  6.1 and the feedback problem occurred in 15.1 and 15.2.  It is possible that I made a small change to these patches (output volume) but don't quite remember.  Again, returning everything to the preset settings in the manual got rid of the problem.

I am curious to know if those who have many custom presets have encountered  problems with these only, or if any other glitches to factory presets have been identified…or perhaps my exprience was unique.

BTW, the fine-tuning and input meter features are great!