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I am curious to know if those who have many custom presets have encountered  problems with these only, or if any other glitches to factory presets have been identified…or perhaps my exprience was unique.

I'm just getting back into this, but I'm uncovering more with the PitchFactor back in its usual signal chain.  The custom presets that I left in are indeed changed.  (Can't say that we were warned to backup before the updating process).   That seems (at first glance) to surround the Depth / Key and Speed / Scale settings.  For example, presets that I know were in E min are now in C min (reset to default key?).  But that wouldn't explain the occasional C DOR that I find, or C# min.

And it's not limited to the two diatonic modes.  I have a custom PEGGIATR preset that reads ATK-274.  A turn of the knob (CATCHUP ON) brings back the -10 to 10 range.  Weird.  I'm not getting the same squeals and level problems that you report (so far), but there are changes to my custom presets.  I'm going to see what sticks when I manually restore those presets, and / or restore them from my third-party .syx files.

The good news is that my MIDI assignments appear to be holding now.  If the default CCs have changed from the original UM documentation (for whatever reason), perhaps we should update those changes in some supplementary docs.  MIDI channels reverting to Channel 1 … Well, I expected that to happen.

I was able to rename presets in FactorLib by double-clicking on the preset name. Again, that's under Win7, so I'm not sure what WinXP will do.

I should've been clearer, Tim, but I was posting as the updating process was developing.  I can change the the preset name in FactorLib, but it wasn't transferred over to the PF during the upload.  (Custom presets kept the Bank : Preset convention.)   Again, I haven't used it enough to draw any definitive conclusions.  But it is disconcerting to find the Edit Console selection to be greyed out (no matter the selection or situation).

I have a variety of O/S to choose from here, but my 'beta testing box' has WinXP.  I start at the 'bottom' (oldest O/S and computer – not much to lose), and work my way on up.  Let's see what happens in a few other systems, with the 'Factor pedal in its most-used audio signal chain and MIDI routing.