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OK replying to my own post after more experiments. FYI I am using a Mac running Snow Leopard and I'm using the latest beta 3 software and the latest version of Factor Lib.

After I was initially NOT able to get the DSP plus EFX setting to stick at all in the system menu it is working now, not sure what was going on but it appears to have corrected itself and the setting is sticking now.

I was finally able to get patch names to display on my Time Factor pedal but I had to reinitialize the pedal back to factory presets to get this to happen which means the patches are out of order now for the way I want the pedal set up.

Even though the patch names display on the pedal after I initialize it, when I send any patch to the pedal from Factor Lib the patch name goes away and there are a bunch of random numbers as the name and they make no sense as far as I can tell. The patch seems to be the correct patch but the name is random numbers. Once I reinitialized the pedal the patch names display but the patches are out of order so I want to move them around in Factor Lib and then send them back to the pedal but when I do this the names don't transfer back over to the pedal. 

I did reinstall the new beta software again and reinitialized and reset the pedal and the same thing still occurs, when I send any patch from Factor Lib to the pedal the patch naming on the pedal gets screwed up. I'm still wondering if you HAVE to name the patches on the pedal first and then copy everything back to Factor Lib for them to stick. I'll have to try that next but if this is the way it's supposed to be it's gong to be a total pain to name all of these patches on the pedal.

I hope this makes sense as I haven't had my coffee yet this morning.

Thanks for any help!