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Ok I guess the third post is a charm, I finally got everything working on my TF pedal. I had to reinstall the new beta software, reinitialize and reset the pedal again to get it back to square one then I uploaded all of the reinitialized presets fresh from the pedal back into Factor Lib. Then I moved the patches around in Factor Lib to where I wanted them to be and copied them back to the pedal and all is well now.

The only thing I can figure is I was originally working from the default TF file in Factor Lib which is messed up or I may have inadvertently corrupted it and saved it somehow. Now that I have it working I'm not going to try and figure out exactly what happened and I'm not exactly sure what the numbers were instead of the patch names.

One thing I noticed while working in Factor Lib is it's very easy to hit that save icon across the top of the window and it immediately saves which ever window is currently active so if you have several windows open in Factor Lib you better be very careful which window is active when you save. I'm going to reinstall Factor Lib to make sure I have a fresh factory TF library. One other thing I wish the windows in Factor Lib would float above the main Factor Lib window because it's really tricky when working with several windows as they are all inside the space of the main window and it's easy to run out of room and constantly have to resize.

I do think there is a bug with the Bypass Type not sticking until after you power cycle the pedal down and back up again. The very last time I installed everything and reinitialized the pedal the Bypass type would not stick until after I turned the pedal off and back on again so that definitely seems like a bug to me.

Hopefully all of this might help someone else, thanks for listening!

Kudos to Eventide!!! I'm going back to playing and tweaking right now!