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Are you using a MIDI controller to send PC messages, or do you want to select programs using the TF and have the MF follow? If you are using a MIDI controller, can it transmit CC messages in addition to PC messages?

If you're not using a MIDI controller, you can set the TF up to transmit both MIDI Clock (System Mode >> MIDI >> MIDICLK OUT >> ON) and Program Change (System Mode >> MIDI >> PGM XMT >> ON).

If you're using a MIDI controller that can transmit both program change and continuous controller messages, you could use a CC message to control the tempo on both the TF & MF. That's in the System Mode >> MIDI >> RCV CTL settings. This is probably the easiest way using a MIDI controller, too.

If you are using a MIDI controller that can't or doesn't send MIDI CC messages and you want to use the TF to generate the MIDI clock messages, you'll need to add both MIDI Splitter and MIDI Merge devices. Basically, these devices either duplicate a single MIDI signal onto 2 cables or mixes 2 MIDI signals into one. This is a pretty complex setup, though, but it should do what you want. To set this up, run the output of the MIDI controller into the MIDI Splitter. Send one of the MIDI Splitter outputs to the TF and the other to the first input on the MIDI Merge. Then, connect the MIDI output from the TF to the second input on the MIDI Merge. Finally, connect the output from the MIDI Merge to the MF. The TF should be setup to transmit MIDI Clock and the MF should be setup to receive MIDI Clock (see above). Both should be set to receive Program Change. Here's how that works… the program change messages originate in the controller. The splitter allows them to be transmitted to both the TF and MF on different cables. The TF transmits clock messages, which are merged together with the output of the controller before being sent to the MF.

In any case, I hope the above makes sense. If you're curious, you can find MIDI Merge and Splitters by doing a web search. There are several companies who make them.