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When used with some low impedance tube amps it may sound like TimeFactor is
adding noise/brightness when Active because it is acting as a buffer. This is really letting you hear the highs that were lost from your signal without a buffer. Many amps have buffered effects loops to
address this issue. In this case we recommend that you connect our Stompboxes through the
effects loop of these amps. If your amp does not have an effects loop, or if you prefer to run our
Stompboxes in front of the amp (after the guitar before the amp’s input,) a solution would be to
always have a buffer pedal in the signal chain. Also it is important that enough signal is getting to the TimeFactor's input. The new V3.0.0beta[16] has a level meter which can help with this. For more info see the V3.0.0beta[16] release notes on the update page.