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As i had mentioned at my first post,i am new to Midi and i want a bigger help!

My big problem-question…is how can i use only one expression pedal and only one Aux Swich connected to the Space and from the Space controlling the expression pedal plus Aux Swich functions of all the Eventide stompboxes![that's the reason for the midi merger box(the ability to have 2 controllers->Space for TapTempo,Flex,Tuner on/off,Brake,Repeat,Looper,HotSwich,Parameter Control Knobs and the MusicomLab for changing presets and bypass)]

I don't want to change presets via the Space(i have the MusicomLab for this purpose),only the expression pedal-auxSwich things!

I had give an example at my second post!

My greater problem is this:programming the Expression pedal-AuxSwich thing!

and this is the area that i want a bigger help!


If there is someone who have the MusicomLab Efx 3,please write to me how can i program the  MusicomLab Efx 3 for changing presets to the Eventide Stompboxes and how to bypass them .

If someone will be able to help me with it,i will be grateful!