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      Hello to all!

      This is my first post here!

      So,first of all i want to say hello to all and that we are really lucky for haveing the Eventide products and an active forum like this one!

      I want to mention that my English is not very well,so,please be very patience….i will do my best!

      Since i am a gigging musicial i want to have a  portable pedalboard.

      That's why i choose the Eventide stompboxes:they are top quality with a lot of possibilities plus

      i don't wave to carry a Rack at my gigs!

      I am planning on buying the MusicomLab Efx 3 because it is small and suits in my pedalboard. with it,i can controll my analog pedals(mostly Boosters,Overdrives),i can change my amp chanells, plus it have Midi functions too that i controll my Eventide stomps(i have all 4 of them).

      I am thinking on having the MusicomLab for Changing Presets to the Eventide stompboxes via Midi,but i want to have the ability  to  use 1 expression pedal and 1 aux swich for all the Eventide stompboxes!

      The functions that i want to have from the aux swich are:

      TapTempo swich to be for all the stomps at the same time(to sync all of them at the same tempo),

      Looper Record,Play,stop,

      Enable/disable Tuner,
      Parameter Control Knobs.

      As for the expression pedal i want to have  the ability to control one,or two, or all of them simultaneously without delay of what my foot do!

      I had emailed to the Eventide support and i had asked them about  connections like this:

      MusicomLab EFX 3 MIDI OUT -> The MIDI Solutions Merger IN1

      Eventide Space MIDI OUT -> The MIDI Solutions Merger IN2

      The MIDI Solutions Merger OUT -> The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru IN

      The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru OUT 1 ->
      Eventide PitchFactor
      The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru OUT 2 ->Eventide ModFactor
      The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru OUT 3 ->Eventide TimeFactor
      The MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru OUT 4 ->

      Eventide Space

      Digitech FS300 -> Eventide Space Aux Swich In
      Ernie Ball VP Jr. 25k -> Eventide Space Expression pedal In

      And they had answer to me that a setup like this will be fine.

      But,as i am new to midi i would like help from anyone who has a good appetite and a willingness to help on this and write me about how should  I  have to programme the machines to make this happen?

      Or any other advice for my setup?



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      Hi Nikos,

      Some of your initial MIDI setup questions may be answered in these videos-



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      Hello Alan!

      Thank you for your fast response!

      I have seen the instructional videos but my questions are:

      1:How can i programme one preset with the aux swich to control Flex,Repeat,Taptempo

      and at  the next preset to control HotSwich,Tuner,Brake?

      2:How can i programme one preset with  the expression pedal  to control the ModFactor

      and at  the next preset to control both PitchFactor and the Space?

      (this was examples of what i want to do!)





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      Is there someone who wants to help me with more details?


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      I do not know the MIDI controller you have, personally, but in your example the TAP tempo would be sent to the Space by sending MIDI CC on say CH1, you would then set space to listen to that MIDI CC number on CH1.

      You would then set Space to transmit MIDI Clock and set the other Factors to listen for MIDI Clock.

      If you can set the switches on the MIDI controller to transmit multiple channels at the same time then you could set TimeFactor to CH2, ModFactor to CH3 and PitchFactor to CH4

      Then in the MIDIMAP section of the firmware of each device you would set what bank to select when it receives the PC command for each channel. so you could set it like this

      MIDI Controller Button 1 transmits the following

      MIDI CH1 PC 1  > Selects 1.HALL

      MIDI CH2 PC 5 > Selects 3:1 Guitars in Space

      MIDI Ch3 PC 3 > 1:1 Chorus

      MIDI ch4 PC 17 > 2:1 Teenage Daydream

      if you leave the MIDI maps to default it will do the following…









      Space is easier as it is a 1:1 mapping





      4>4 etc

      hope that helps to get you started Smile

      IF your MIDI controller only supports PC on a single MIDI channel then you may be able to set up the transmit PC changes on the Factor to help, but I have never played with this.

      You could set all the devices to the same channel, but personally I prefer to keep them on separate chanels.

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      Can you share what midi controller you were using for this setup?  to: badmelonfarmer.

      I have the ground control and tried to get a setup that would control multiple Factor pedals, and keep common tempo, etc.  I couldn't figure out a way to get it done, but the main difference from what you described above, is that I was trying to set tempo through an aux switch to the first factor pedal, instead of using CC commands.

      The ground control can send PC messages on different MIDI channels, so that's not a problem.  the problem I did have is that to get one factor to slave to another for tempo via MIDI, the MIDI out ports need to be set to XMT instead of THRU.  when i changed my output to XMT to make MIDI clock work, it then broke my PC commands from flowing through each factor pedal.  I thought my only fix was to put in a PC map into each factor pedal which is something I didn't want to have to manage.

      Am I missing some setting on the Factors that will allow the PC commands to flow through while the output is set to XMT?



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      I have had a Rcktron MIDIMATE (didn't work with TapTempo due to the IA CC buttons being Latching)

      I then got a Ground Control Pro and it works fine on the Ground Control Pro, you just have to set the Instant Access button to the MIDI CC Value and Channel of the Factor pedal you want to set the Tempo on (set the switch to be momentary)

      the problem you describe is the Thru v Out issue, this is why the OP is using a MIDI Merge box (I assume) you have to merge the OUT and Thru ….. can get a bit of a "mind fry"

      Just sold my GCP, so won't be able to test it out in future….went for a Fractal MFC-101 in a moment of beer buying!Embarrassed

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      Thanks for clarifying, and I missed the part about needing the MIDI Merge boxes.

      I'll stick with the tap tempo via the aux switches.


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      As i had mentioned at my first post,i am new to Midi and i want a bigger help!

      My big problem-question…is how can i use only one expression pedal and only one Aux Swich connected to the Space and from the Space controlling the expression pedal plus Aux Swich functions of all the Eventide stompboxes![that's the reason for the midi merger box(the ability to have 2 controllers->Space for TapTempo,Flex,Tuner on/off,Brake,Repeat,Looper,HotSwich,Parameter Control Knobs and the MusicomLab for changing presets and bypass)]

      I don't want to change presets via the Space(i have the MusicomLab for this purpose),only the expression pedal-auxSwich things!

      I had give an example at my second post!

      My greater problem is this:programming the Expression pedal-AuxSwich thing!

      and this is the area that i want a bigger help!


      If there is someone who have the MusicomLab Efx 3,please write to me how can i program the  MusicomLab Efx 3 for changing presets to the Eventide Stompboxes and how to bypass them .

      If someone will be able to help me with it,i will be grateful!


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      I'm using the MusicomLab EFX MkIII with all 4 Eventide boxes as well.

      I have not tried to setup  a footswitch via MIDI as I have not found this to be necessary, so I can't comment on that. But I have tried an EXP pedal and I can share my experience.

      The problem is that the EFX can only transmit CC messages for the expression pedal OVER 1 MIDI channel. Therefore you cannot use it to control multiple Eventide Pedals directly. If you could select multiple, or OMNI on the EFX that would solve all problems, but you can't.

      There is a workaround where you can transmit the messages to one of the Eventide units, and then use that to XMT to the others. But here I'm pretty sure that each pedal can only transmit to a single channel also, so you might have a difficult time here. This also requires you to set the MIDI type to XMT rather than THRU, which means you can't receive other MIDI message (e.g Program change, tap tempo) through the chain, without the use of a MIDI merger at between each pedal.

      In the end, I decided that this was too much of a hassle to worry about, so I'm currently using the EXP pedal thought the Pitchfactor, where it is most useful.

      I'd be interested to hear if you find a solution! Hope this makes sense as I'm typing very quickly as I have to go somewhere 🙂

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      A DIGITECH FS3X MIDI FOOT SWITCH CONTROLLER will control the first Eventide stompbox in your midi chain – tap tampo by using the FS3X's left-hand switch.  You set up your chain of Eventides to accept this and pass it on to the next one, and you'll be able to tap tempo for all three (or four if you've got them!) boxes.

       (You set each stompbox to a different channel – as already explained above – to select different presets.)

       You need to be using the latest Eventide software update…. IMPORTANT


      The EFX Mk3 allows you to transmit midi parameters from an Expression Pedal to all midi devices – – see page 9 of the handbook , or you can have separate expression Pedals plugged into each Eventide.



      If using one plugged into the EFX Mk3, the Ex Pedals' channel and number from the EFX are global, so you have to tell each Eventide what  it is, and each will then do whatever you've programmed it to do  whenever it receives cc value changes. You could try programming it with the EX pedal plugged into an Eventide to make it simpler, or one stomp box at a time.

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      I too found the functionality of the gcp to be limiting. So now you've stepped up to the fractal audio MFC-101. When I drink beer I don't find more money in my wallet. Where did you get that wallet? But seriously, does the MFC play nice with your expression pedal? Are you using it with a mini amp gizmo? The OP should listen carefully as to how you've made the midi assignments work.

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      I too found the functionality of the gcp to be limiting. So now you've stepped up to the fractal audio MFC-101. When I drink beer I don't find more money in my wallet. Where did you get that wallet? But seriously, does the MFC play nice with your expression pedal? Are you using it with a mini amp gizmo? The OP should listen carefully as to how you've made the midi assignments work.

      I have not got around to sorting the expression pedal with the MFC yet and am not likely to for a while.

      The MFC is a little more complicated to program than the GCP….which I found REALLY easy to program.

      MIDI wise I was running the GCP>Eclipse>Axe-FX Ultra>Space…

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      there's 2 things that i haven't understood yet!


      Why most of you prefer the midi capabilities of the PitchFactor over the Space.

      Space is newer,so it must have better midi functions,isn't it right?


      Can i programme the aux swich via midi?

      what i want to say is… if i programme of what the auxswiches have to do for each stompbox separately,and then i only plug one auxswich at the Pitchfactor which will work as midi master,can i control from it  what i had already programme to the others?

      and if i can do so,how can i programme it to happen?



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      I'm still confused … so, can someone help me with more details?



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      Eventide Staff

      I don't think you can use the AUX switch of one pedal to control aux switch functions of other pedals via MIDI.

      But, if you make a suitable Y cable, one AUX switch can control multiple pedals.

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      Hello Nick!

      Thank you!

      This was what I wanted to know…that i can't control aux switch functions via Midi!

      For me,now,that i use 2 pedalboards,it isn't huge problem for having 4 auxswiches,but how can i sync them to TapTempo?

      What do you recommend about it?

      How about 2 of this units:



      As for the expression pedal,i can use 1 over the other 3 stompboxes,as i had later post.

      is this correct?


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      Is there anyone who has mount all the 4 Eventide stompboxes in pedalboard and has to give me any solution on the aux swich and expression pedal thing?

      I have a tour this July,and i have to make a setup with as less connections as possible!

      You know…festivals that you have 5 minutes to get up in the stage, to make the setup and then you play…that's why i have to make my setup plug and play thing like

      any advice will be appreciated!



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      Last time posting here,that's why i want a better explanation and a better support,Thanks!

      I have a new scenario in mind but i am not sure if this setup will work,so,please tell me if i am wrong,or give me a solution!

      From my midi controller's(MusicomLab EFX3) MIDI OUT plus PitchFactor's MIDI OUT to

      Midi Merger box, and from Midi Merger box to Midi Thru box, and from the Midi Thru Box to the 4 Eventide stompboxe's Midi In.

      With a setup like this(if i am correct…?)i can change presets to the Eventides from the MusicomLab Efx3 via Midi PC,

      i can TapTempo to the PitchFactor and from it via Midi Clock to the other Eventide stompboxes(to sync them all)


      i can use one expression pedal plugged to the PitchFactor and from it,via Midi CC,i can controll with only one expression pedal all 4 Eventide Stompboxes.

      IF I AM LUCKY ENOUGH … ! … ?Hmm

      And the functions that be left are:

      Enable/Disable Tuner

      So,all that we want is 2 of 3-buttons AuxSwiches plus custom cables.

      the one 3-buttons AuxSwich will be plugged to PitchFactor,the one button will be for TapTempo[for the reasons that i had wrote before(Midi Clock)],

      the other button will be for Enable/Disable Tuner

      and other button will be for Flex,Learn

      As for the other 3-buttons AuxSwich,we want special 3-way Y cable to connect it to TimeFactor,ModFactor,Space

      and we can have one button for Repeat,

      one button for Brake,Slow/Fast,

      one button for HotSwich

      i am sure that i am not the only guy with this problem,so,please find a solution or give us a better explanation! PleaseSmile

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      I too am new here.  Welcome

      I have the PitchFactor and Space.  I have never used MIDI.  Could anyone reccommend a good basic MIDI book?  I know a MIDI foot pedal would probably save my control issues.  What is the best MIDI controler for the factor pedals?.  I have a BOSS GT-10.  Has anyone tried using that unit to control their factor pedals?  Could I use the BOSS built in expression pedel to control both at the same time?



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      I have one question about having only one expression pedal at my pedalboards to controll all 4 eventide stompboxes!

      With the midi setup that i(we) had mention before,i can controll all of them at the same time.


      if i want to controll one stompbox or two with this one expression pedal how can i do it?

      i have a preset with TimeFactor,ModFactor,Space running at the same
      time and i step at the expression pedal,the parameters change for all of
      them.It's ok foe experimenting,but what should i do to controll only one of them without changing the expression's parameters?


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      Cant you just change how the presets work with EXP pedal? Like set heel and toe on the same value and that shouldn't change the parameters.

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