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The naming works fine for me on all patches BUT I had to reset and initialize the pedal first to get this to work correctly. I suggested that you try this but you seem reluctant to do it.

I think you said you have 10 banks (?) of your own presets that you are afraid to lose but if that's what's holding you back I'd write down on paper all of the parameters for those presets then reset the pedal and recreate those presets. Someone around here created a blank template you could use to help with this.

I'm not sure that a new version of Factor Lib will help you if you don't reset the pedal first. I think the scrambled numbers on the display have to do with those patches being saved with the older version of Factorlib and there is no way they are going to ever transfer correctly. I think you need to start from scratch.

My two cents, I'm not trying to stir up anything.