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I do gotta say I really like the idea of some kind of  dedicated "LoopFactor" pedal somewhere on the future horizon so I could get some more of my Inner Fripp on! Wink

Perhaps something similar to the stereo sample/looping I see available in the H-series rack units, with pitch-shifting, time-stretching, tap-tempo, reverse looping, huge gobs of memory  space for very long stereo loops, etc.

Plus the usual abilities to sync it up via MIDI to other Factor pedals (oh man, just the thought of something like this sync'ed via MIDI Clock to pitched delays coming out of my PitchFactor and the various tempo-based parameters of my Space gets my pulse racing….)

The ability to do both Frippertronics-esque delay-based looping (that slowly fades and/or mutates in various interesting ways over time) as well as Boomerang-ish phrase looping with that Eventide sonic quality would truly be a beautiful thing….. Cool