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In addition to the quick start guide and preset list, there's a more complete manual available here…


While there aren't any in-depth descriptions or technical info on every parameter, in my opinion, it's much more informative (and fun) to just play around with the various settings. I think it matters more what sounds good to your ears than the technical details of how something works, but again, that's just my opinion.

There are a lot of great, usable sounds in the MF, and it would probably take 1000 pages to describe them all. The presets are a good place to start, too, and if you need any advice or have specific questions about anything, this forum's full of people who will help.

If this helps, Liquid Chorus is an Eventide-style chorus, while the other types are more traditional chorus setings. Jet is one of the flange types that's "extra whooshy" (for lack of a better term). Bias is one of the types of tremolo based on some tube amps from the 50s that created the tremolo effect by varying the bias of the power tubes (as opposed to Opto, which is based on some tube amps from the 60s that used an opto-coupler to vary the resistance in a pre-amp circuit). The various number of stages in the Phaser reproduce how many stages of phase shift were used in various analog phasers, which changes the perceived depth of the phaser. Of course, those are just my descriptions.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your MF!!