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You may well get get buzzing when the USB is plugged in if this causes a ground loop.

No instant solution – ground loops have to be cured on a one-by-one basis. In this case, running your Mac with the charger disconnected might do it.

I get the buzzing without having the usb hooked up on occasion as
well….is that still going to be related to the way I am powering
everything in my rig? It does seem that the Macbook power can exacerbate the noise when it is brought too close to my pedalboard power, but I figured that was just the electric field, which shouldn't be a problem from a distance?

Just for reference, I power the TimeFactor from the power supply that came with it which I put on a power strip that is hooked up to a Pedal Power Plus, which is usually just plugged into the main power wherever I'm at via extension chord (legitimate clubs that have lighting and such on separate circuits and whatnot…I obviously know nothing about power). I also have a power strip for a small rack I have (generally just a compressor and audio interface for my laptop). I also have the Macbook, which is just run to the main power as well.