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I like the way that you think.  🙂  If I were ever to duplicate any stompbox (other than backup), it would be the PitchFactor.

I briefly flirted with a test setup; having two PitchFactors (alternately routed) in both series and in parallel.  To be honest, the "OctaVox"-type routing ended up being a little too much.  It certainly was 'thick', but I found myself doubling the intervals (or octaves of the intervals) more often than stacking eight unique harmonies.

I will say that it was cool to produce orchestral-type voicing from a single input note / octave.  And with a sync'ed 100% wet delay in front of one of them, I could space out arpeggios in a very useful way.  But if either PF 'glitched' (or my picking technique suffered a mishap), it got very nasty; very quickly.

I came away from that experience thinking that the real value of such a setup would be in using two of the 10 distinctly different algorithms at the same time.  Of course, 'your mileage may vary'.