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Long overdue followup here.  I immediately downloaded Version 3.0.0[19] when it came up, and used my original WinXP setup to facilitate it (described in detail above).  Smooth as silk installation.  Nice work, ET.

OK, still the known issues on ver. 2.x presets and the "Preset 1.0" phenomenon.  I expected that part, and used the workarounds.  Certainly no showstoppers there.  But the exact same setup that I'd used previously (plus a few minor XP updates, I'd guess), yielded great results with 3.0.0[19].  The FactorLib Edit Console works, no weird parameter changes or characters, etc.

I am zeroing in on a Harpeggiator issue with significant rate / tempo division changes (and a possible MIDI clock, or Tempo On/Off connection), but I'll save much of that for another thread.  I don't have a 100% recipe for it yet, but I've experienced a little weirdness here at least back to 3.0.0beta[16].

Rate changes controlled by an EXP pedal.   Seems as though the PF gets stuck at 500 BPM or 10ms., and only a tap of the RESTART gets it back to the current value.  If / when it happens, you'll know it (especially evident when the filters start 'gargling').  Sometimes, a (custom) preset will load at this extremely rapid rate.  RESTART, and it behaves as expected.