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Xia Qing

hey there farmer

i see.  you seem to favor the space then?  how is that slapback reverb on the tf?  i use my nord mostly for leads, and i ran it thru a space yesterday and it was pretty good but not what im looking for in the end.

the tf receives midi clock right?

eventide, just a suggestion here.  actual in depth demo videos or tracks of people using your stomps for synths are shockingly rare.  im at a loss without adequate demos on synths.  space i think has onee moog demo but the  others get none… or maybe some indy stuff  on youtube.

just friendly advice from a guy whos been in marketing industry a while. =)

i am considering tf still.  farmer hows the reverb on the tf?  any algorythms or is it done by tweaking custom presets?

xia qing.