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Time Factor or Space with Synths?

Allow me to complicate matters even further:  the PitchFactor.  Not only can it be used as a clean delay, but there's also detuning / thickening, extreme pitchbends, 'intelligent' harmonization, 'arpeggios', octaving, etc.  It will make even the notoriously thin SCI Six-Trak sound like a new instrument, or 'supersize' any supersaw oscillator.

I should mention that the Utility settings allow tailoring to a synth lead or synth bass Source, and, if your target keyboard can serve as a MIDI Clock master or slave, the effects can be synchronized to the onboard LFOs and such (or vice-versa).  A pitchbend message can be used to control many pitch effects, with proper 'return-to-center' at unison.