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There are a few ways to do it depending on what you want to do and you can combine the methods too.

1. What Nick said, that is a great way to do it.

2. On the GCP you can set the Program Bank changes to send out Program Changes on different MIDI Channels.

I used a combination of these two methods to do it.

I had the TimeFactor on MIDI chanel 2 and then I programmed the Bank switches to send the relevent Program Change number I wanted for each device.

So button 1 might send out PC5 on MIDI Channel 1 and PC15on MIDI Channel 2 etc

so by using the map on the TimeFactor and the MIDI Program Change commands that the Ground Control sends out…. you can acheive quite a lot.

There is also a GCP programming utility for windows that can help with the programming of the GCP …. it is free and not supported…but once you get your head arround the GCP interface I don't really think it is needed, but it is great to get started.