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Sounds like you have some default patches sending program change information. As others have pointed out, I would check the midi map and make sure program Change #1 goes to preset number 1 on the TF, program change 1 goes to preset 2 etc.

Then on the GCP you need to tell it which midi channel you plan to use for the TF. I would add it in under devices call it TF or something easy, then set a midi channel. Then go to the TF and set it up to receive midi messages on that same midi channel you assigned on the GCP. If you have other midi gear in your rack make sure you pick a channel that is not being used.

You then can add other midi gear, set to a different channel, and send different settings to each device. For example setup a TF on channel 1, a PF on channel 2 and Space on channel 3. Then on the GCP you store preset number 1 with program change 12 going to the TF, program change 16 to PF, and program change 67 going to space. This is all then done with a single button push on the GCP.

Once you get the hang of programming the GCP it's pretty straight forward.

Then you can get creative and start to talk about CC messages 🙂
Hope this helps