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I've been really, and I mean really struggling to try to figure out how to get a good sound from the Thru-0 Flanger on the Modfactor.  I don't want mine to cancel all the way out, I just want it to have that real what I call "vocal" quality.  The closest song I can think of is the 1st 20 seconds of Eric Johnson's song High Landons. 

I'm using mine in stereo and I've been tweaking the knobs little by little for weeks now but I guess I don't understand enough of how the controls really work.  Thanks for the hint about the x-knob.  Maybe that will help some.

If anybody has any good "starting place" settings for a good Thru-0 flanger setting or a real vocal sounding flanger like the one I mentioned and would like to post them or message me I would be more than appreciative?