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Thank you, imerkat!

Yes, the other confounding issue is that the MP-201 is discontinued, so there is no hope of Moog providing any updates, a real computer interface to program it, etc. No word on a new version, just discontinued. Even the buzz on the Moog board is confusion.

I had read the links you sent before posting my question, but re-read them in light of what you said. It is not a match made in heaven for sure, but maybe one of the only solutions out there to give me expression pedal control and presets.

I have a nice collection of 'Foogers and 'Factors, plus a Voyager… I think I may just have to get one and see what I can do with it.

I'm a bass player, and as such, can't take full advantage of all the sounds of my various "Factors; they just don't really apply to bass. But the ones that do are amazing!

If I can get the four floor button presets to send my pedals 4 complete configurations and then use the CV outputs to drive my expression inputs (based on my preset) I'll be happy. If I have to turn the knob on the floor to select the next 4 presets to be assigned to the 4 floor buttons, and it works, then I'll be happy as a clam!