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sounds like i have the setup you are thinking of: MP-201 controlling MF, PF and TF. Don't have a SPACE but i would have thought that it works as well as the others.

it does work but there are a few things you will need to get right:

1. Make sure that all factor pedals have the latest firmware. The earlier firmware versions of MF and TF (maybe PF too but i bought that with a later firmware) had lags in MIDI response when I used them in this configuration.

2. MIDI control of multiple parameters CAN be slugish on a single pedal: e.g if you map 3  parameters to the MIDI CC used for expression pedal on a single preset of a single Factor unit it will struggle to keep up with the changes being sent to it. This is particularly evident when you use the oscillators from the MP-201 (you can set an LFO to send varying values via MIDI).

3. The only way I had it work was to set all factors to MIDI thru (see user manual if you dont know how to do that) and have a separate CC on separate channel for each one's expression pedal assignment. This has additional complications of meaning that you cant sync tap temp via MIDI (one has to be set to transmit which messes up the control messages being passed through from the pedal) – best bet is a Y / whatever a 1-3 stereo cable is called to sync tap tempo to all at once.

4. Be aware that with the MP-201 you are paying for the amazing CV control that is the pedal's primary purpose. For me thats a plus because there is a lot of cool (if a little expensive) gear out there that uses CVs. Also the MP-201 cannot do standard expression pedal operation that most stompboxes accept. I love how the LED brightness on the MP-201 shows the value that each is set to at the moment and you can hold them in certain positions while changing others.