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Indeed it would.

I'm just now trying to get familiar with the Moog MP-201 (recently discontinued) and interfacing it to my 3 'Factors. So far I have the CV sorted, going to build the proper interface cables so the CV voltage output is within the (non-standard) range of the 'Factors.

Next, with a little help from my 'Factor cyber pals on this board, I'm going to tackle the midi so I can send presets to the 'Factors.

I LOVE the 'Factor sounds, but am perplexed at how the user interface was designed and implemented. And the user manuals…  Oh my.

I think it will be worth my efforts, but there are so many quirks in the user interface on the 'Factors that I've given up trying to manipulate them live (and here I mean just finding and selecting presets and assigning the expression pedal to what I want).

So I'm going to develop a set of favorite presets and be able to send them to the pedals via the '201