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      I am now the proud owner of all 4 stomp boxes and an eclipse.

      I was just thinking. With all the stomps I now have 12 footswitches, as many as most midi foot controllers.

      Wouldn't it be nice if there was some way of connecting the stomps so that they operated together in such a way as to have as many of the available footswitches assigned to preset/bank up-down,midi cc etc as desired.

      My 'dream' setup would be a couple of switches for bank up/down, 8 presets, 1 tuner (for the pitch factor tuner) and one to switch to 'play' mode. 

      Another one would be perhaps bank up/ down, four presets and the remainder for play mode functions/midi cc commands.

      Doesn't hurt to dream…..(I have a profound and probably totally unreasonable dislike of midi pedalboards)

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      Nice! I bet there are some wicked cool sounds coming from your amps!

      I understand your concern over MIDI pedalboards, they can be quite intimidating and not particularly intuitive, in that when you step on the green TubeScreamer …you know you are getting a tubescreamer sound rather than stepping on a button labelled "14" on a big black box with 24 other buttons.

      It is worth persevering with a MIDI controller as it really can help to simplify a lot of tap dancing, personally I would not go back to not using one for that reason alone.  

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      Indeed it would.

      I'm just now trying to get familiar with the Moog MP-201 (recently discontinued) and interfacing it to my 3 'Factors. So far I have the CV sorted, going to build the proper interface cables so the CV voltage output is within the (non-standard) range of the 'Factors.

      Next, with a little help from my 'Factor cyber pals on this board, I'm going to tackle the midi so I can send presets to the 'Factors.

      I LOVE the 'Factor sounds, but am perplexed at how the user interface was designed and implemented. And the user manuals…  Oh my.

      I think it will be worth my efforts, but there are so many quirks in the user interface on the 'Factors that I've given up trying to manipulate them live (and here I mean just finding and selecting presets and assigning the expression pedal to what I want).

      So I'm going to develop a set of favorite presets and be able to send them to the pedals via the '201

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      That Moog pedal looks very interesting. My main problem with midi pedalboards is their size and the fact I usually end up with about half the pedals being 'redundant' as I tend to use just a few presets and ccs.

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      Funnily enough I tend to find myself switching between the eclipse and the factor pedals. Love the sound of them all but the pedals are so much easier to 'fly' in a band setting. Would love to get them all off the floor together. What sort of rack are you using?

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      I use a Boschma 4U rack case containing an Eclipse, an Axe-FX II and Space.

      I do not control the Space or Eclipse on the fly, preset only….although I can control things via MIDI if I want.

      Tempo gets set on the Eclipse and the other devices sync MIDI clock off the Eclipse.

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      Im on the waiting list for the axe 2. Sold the axe 1 a while ago as I found I much prefer the eventide fx and was never that sold on the axe amps live (although I love them at home/studio). Hoping the axe 2 ups the game significantly on the amp front. 

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      Totally agree on the Effects, I much prefer the Eventide "Flavour" of the effects they have a more distinctive sound that i love.

      Must say, I would be a very happy person if Eventide decided to get into the Amp Modelling market and produced a single unit that used their effects plus some really great amp modelling.

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      I think Midi pedal boards are like tiny metropolous. With a power plant, a Midi road system. and the life-giving water that flows from my guitar… Tongue Tied I swear I'm sober

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      I'll believe ya Wink


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      Another 'wouldn't it be nice?'

      Interchangeable algorithms. The ability to 'swap' algorithms between factor pedals, negating the need to take all 4 pedals with you to the gig if you are just using a couple of algos from each one.

      Nothing wrong with wishing……

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      +1 on the Stealth factor!

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