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I used to use the WH-4 (reissue whammy). I got a Pitchfactor to replace my Digitech Timebender, which is a similar but far less sophisticated pitch shifting delay pedal.

At first used both, feeding the PF into the Whammy, but I rarely had both operating at the same time (it does sound pretty cool when you suddenly divebomb a flutter of arpeggiated delays!). I decided I had to simplify my board so now my WH-4 is in the "for sale" pile. It may still come back… IDK.

I made several patches for the Pitchfactor that match the 4-5 functions I used to use on the Whammy.(+/- 1 oct, +/- 2 oct, 2 semitones down, etc).

The sound/tone is VERY similar, including the little artifacts that occur as the note decays (which I also kind of like, even though many players say they sound "computery" – duh, why did I get a PitchFactor in the first place u think? haha).

I don't know how it compares to a WH-1 because I don't have one… a lot of people claim they sound more "analog." They are going for like 700 bucks on Ebay right now…

There may be slightly less latency introduced with the PF than the WH-4, but both have noticable latencies to me and the difference between the two is negligible.

Both sound 'digital' in my opinion. Some people say they sound "cold." It doesn't bother me. In an effects loop, there is zero noticeable tone loss when they are bypassed. When they are ON, they sound in my opinion like they are supposed to sound.

Long story short, as an owner of both pedals, I think you can absolutely replace a WH-4 with a Pitchfactor and never look back. Unless you want to use both… like me…