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Eventide Staff

Hi Antii,

You can this in system mode by setting the knob mode to CATCHUP or LOCKED.   CATCHUP will display the value of the knob after you move it and not change the knob until you turn it to the displayed value.   LOCKED will only display the current knob value after you wiggle that knob, but not allow any changes. 

Here are the steps to set the knob mode:

1.  Press and hold the encoder and right footswitch to enter system mode

2.  Turn the encoder until the screen reads UTILITY

3.  Press the encoder to enter the UTILITY menu

4.  The first item should be KNOB MODE, press the encoder to enter the KNOB MODE sub-menu

5.  Turn the encoder to either CATCHUP or LOCKED

6.  Exit system mode the same way you got into it.  (you can step up back to the top of the system mode menu system with the middle footswitch as well)