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Hi there Brock! Thank you for taking the time to answer. Right now I'm following your advice and I have the PF before the AD3. They complement each other very well and I also agree that the pitch detection stays pretty much stable even with extreme bogner or egnater amp modelling. I also can use the ad3 drums without them being altered by the PF. Great. As always there are some sounds which do not sound very well together but I suppose they can always be tweaked (and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked……ad infinitum) Smile

 For example, simple stereo panning in the AdrenaLinn acts as a synchronized "voice-switcher" for the Diatonic and QuadraVox modes.

Would you be kind enough to elaborate on this or how to achieve it. I mean, which presets from both pedals are you referring to? 

In time, I will follow your second suggestion and put the PF after the ad3 but I need to play some time to understand the difference. If you have further suggestions or preset combinations that work for you, please let me know.

Thanks again Brock!