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Are you just using the Eventide pedals or a external midi switch.

With just the eventide you can use the XMT map, or even just straight thru Midi.

Modfactor >Timefactor, In time factor MIDI settings setup RCV MAP under midi utility. The RCV map tells the time factor what to do when it receives a midi Program change. So the window will show( # > Function). Example.( 1 >  Bypass) , would be Program change 1, bypass effect. (2 > Pr 5) Program Change 2 = Timefactor Preset 5 and so on, You can setup the same kind of mapping in other pedal as well, you can map any kind of functions over 1 receiving channel.

If you are new to midi , I would suggest reading the manual slowly a few times over, Once you wrap your head around it, it's all very simple. the eventide boxes have a lot of advanced midi functions for the type of unit it is.