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The PF works 100% ok with distorted sounds(high gain double solos,etc.), only in the effects loop of the amp head.This box can send your imagination to the ultimate level.I put it in the effects loop right out of the box(for listen to it how it sounds,i tested it in front of the amp too and it sounds horrible) and it is still there,making double solos every time i want.I have it for about a month and until now, i've already read only how to save one sound in the first bank( BANK 1:1).I bought it only for the diatonic shifting,nothing else(until now)Please make sure that the cables you use,the connectors,the plugs,everything is ok.I'm telling you that,because i didn't noticed those problems you have posted.Just ultimate harmonizing and a completely true bypass pedal with no signal problems.Be careful when you use the mixing knob (upper left knob) maybe you haven't the right blend of the signal and ofcourse the two little switches beside the ins &outs.REMEMBER: The manual shows some paradigms of where you must have these switches with every connection……..but………sometimes your ears want something else.Try these little switches in different possitions.There are no rules here,it's just what you want to hear from the PF. PitchFactor does not killing your tone,it is making your tone better,and you sound better as a player.Something else in the signal chain is not ok.Check out the manual and make a reinitialize to its memory if it's possible,if you buy it used (i have not read my manual yet).Take it from the start ,step by step and you'll find the solution.I play metal with high gain settings all the time and i think that this pedal is the best pedal i've ever owned.One thing i want to tell you more: for a month,every time i'm taking the manual and my guitar in my hands and say to myself:now you're gonna learn this pedal(how to save sounds in banks,how to change presets via midi and other things to have the 100% of my eventide pedal), i'm  ALWAYS playing with only one or two sounds and the manual finally collecting dust on my desk.I want to play with this pedal more than any pedal i've tryed all these years.It is amazing. And i'm just using only the Diatonic shifting until now.So check it out,something else happening