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Is this the same "stringrazor" from the Cakewalk forums?

Unfortunately, I believe only one such key modification can be programmed for the pedal as it's a global setting not per patch.

The "normal" FCB-1010 method that I use to switch keys & scale at the same time is to send the two static MIDI CC values without a program change.  One footswitch may produce A Dorian; the next kicks out E (natural) minor, and so on.  These are all in addition to the "saved" key / scale that pops up with an isolated program change message.  This works in either the Diatonic or Quadravox modes in exactly the same way.

Using the default PitchFactor CC Numbers as an example, CC #38 is mapped to Depth/Key:

C = CC Value 0-5

C# = CC Value 6-18

D = CC Value 19-28

D# = CC Value 29-40

E = CC Value 41-51

F = CC Value 52-64

F# = CC Value 65-74

G = CC Value 75-86

G# = CC Value 87-97

A = CC Value 98-108

A# = CC Value 109-120

B = CC Value 121-127

You can program in any CC Value within that narrow range per-key.  There are some advantages in some algorithms/parameters to using the highest CC value found in a given range.  In most cases, it doesn't matter.  Now, for the Speed / Scale parameter (defaulting to CC #39):

MAJ = CC Value 0-6

min = CC Value 7-15

DOR = CC Value 16-26

PHRG = CC Value 27-36

LYD = CC Value 37-47

MLYD = CC Value 48-57

LOC = CC Value 58-68

Hmin = CC Value 69-78

Mmin = CC Value 79-89

Wton = CC Value 90-99

ENIG = CC Value 100-114

NPLT = CC Value 115-120

HUNG = CC Value 121-127

So, for an E minor, send CC#38 – CC Value 51, and CC#39 – CC Value 15, from the same footswitch.  For A Dorian, it would be CC#38 – CC Value 108, and CC#39 – CC Value 26 on another footswitch.  And so on (ten keys + scales per bank).  Any combination of key and scale available on the PitchFactor can be called up remotely with one press (and two CC messages received).

Using the FCB, I'd planned to use the UNO chip toggle feature which I think would make the process of changing keys much simpler.  The UNO chip is so useful and cheap, I can't imagine using an FCB without it.

I really should cave in on that UnO chip; it's a no-brainer.  I have the stock FCB-1010 (and tons of custom presets backed up) doing most anything that I need, though.  One of the "toggle" situations that I use involves the standard Controller Toggle feature.  I can switch between two keys, or two scales, but not both at the same time (using a single footswitch).

The other thing that I do is to process the MIDI Note that a switch can send, and convert that (through an external event processor) to a CC value.  That way, I can use the footswitches to act one way when pressed, and another way when released.  But that was my workaround in place before considering the UnO upgrade.