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Used but new… as in, guy buys a space, uses it a couple of times, decides to buy an AxeFx and sells space on ebay.  I know… maybe I'm insanely stupid for believing him but his feedback was 99% and in triple digits so I thought it was a pretty safe bet, maybe not, I'm pretty naive sometimes.

Well, I got it to map a few things but I have yet to get it to sync tempo with timefactor.  I got the midi controller mapped to cc and it changes tempo with a single value of 127 but the tempo's still don't match.  The Timefactor is within 2-10 bpm of the mobius but the space always seems to show bpm when the TF shows ms but the led beats don't sync so it appears they aren't syncing.  

Anyway, I'll try to revert the space to original specs but I can't upgrade the firmware until I receive word back from support about registration.  The Eventide update utility says that the space is already registered to another user and the utility interface won't allow me to download software for the space.

I'll report back when it all said and done.