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I got the two pedals to sync based on Brock's suggestion (I didn't have output set to XMT) but when "midi > output" on the master (Timefactor) is set to XMT – Out then Space no longer receives Program Changes – Do I now have to map program changes?  So, essentially the clock/tempo is synchronized beautifully but the space doesn't see any program changes = useless.  I tried setting PGM XMT and CTL XMT both to "on" but it made matters worse.   I watched that video several times to see if there was an implication or subtle remark I missed, I see where I missed putting the master in XMT but the rest I had correct.  I noticed in the video that he didn't make any program changes or play through the demonstration devices, no mention of needing to map Program Changes after synchronizing Tap Tempo.


I can unchain the serial in's and outs of the three devices and plug each one into a 4 port midi hub, map the TF and Space to RCV CTL – TAP > C93 and program a dedicated control pedal on my FCB1010 to send a momentary CC93 with a value of 127.  This is an ok workaround accept that each pedal can be off by 2-30 BPM with every tempo change and often times the mobius will be as far off as 80-100BPM higher than the Eventide boxes.