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what i' d like to know is if i can get the same pog2 sound from the pitch factor

Yes and no.  The POG is engineered to do octaves (and only octaves) really well.  It's more versatile in terms of blending those octaves together, plus it has the slow attack, and dedicated lowpass filter and detuning control.

That's not to say you can't come very close with the PitchFactor.  Two-to-four octaves are available, with detuning possible at the same time (depending on algorithm).  You have to work out any attack delays or deep filtering outside of the box.  Octave blending is there; just in a more limited and less obvious sense.

Of course, the PitchFactor is designed to do much, much more.  I prefer it to the HOG/POG series for organ-like settings, as it can blend in other intervals that more closely resemble Hammond drawbars and harmonics (fifths, and thirds).

is there an algorithm to emulate an organ? is it polyphonic'? if yes which one of the algorithms?

The Synthonizer algo has OR1 and OR2 waveforms (not in the manual – V3 onward).  That is definitely monophonic.  It also has harmonics blending, control over attack, LP and HP filtering.  But this is a sound synthesized from your input.  Rapid playing (even clean single-note lines) can confuse the pitch detection.  Consistent input levels (or pre-compression) helps out.

Comparing the PF to the POG capabilities, though, almost all of the algorithms react cleanly to polyphonic input (in terms of pure octaves and fifths).  The Synthonizer and Octaver are exceptions.  Any kind of instrument emulation depends heavily on playing technique and predictable input levels.

A quick POG preset might start with the Quadravox algo.  Voices set to A: -2 OCT; B: +1 OCT; C: -1 OCT; D: +2 OCT.  Blend lower octaves with higher using the Pitch Mix (Mix for the dry/wet).  No Delay with the 4 voices "bunched together", or a few dozen milliseconds with 4 voices spread equally.  Not to mention panned in stereo (impossible with a single POG).

To include detuning, you'd need to switch over to one of the 2-voice algorithms.  Sometimes two octaves are enough to 'sell' the emulation.  I've managed to come up with some Organs From Space settings in the least obvious places.  Massive chords, gliding pitches, warbling glitches … perfect for an unusual organ sound that cuts through the mix.  I'm not sure if I could reproduce that in anything but a PitchFactor.