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I was REALLY quite excited when EH announced the 8-step device and had lots of different ideas in my head about how I'd use it. I since played around with the Pitchfactor's Arpeggiator – which I hadn't really used very much before – and tried to imagine how I would use the 8-step to control other algorithms in the Pitchfactor if it was connected, but I have to say I wasn't terribly inspired by the idea. In-fact I kind of concluded that the Arpeggiator and the wave patterns in the Harmodulator probably provide me with enough automated pitch control. Similarly with the Modfactor – there are so many possible waveshapes available especially once you add the second LFO I'm not sure if I'd use the 8-step here either. I must admit though it would be kind of cool to try and create some sort of rhythmic reverb effects with the Space 🙂 Note though that my position here is completely guitar-centric and my views would probably be different if I was using it for other instruments or applications.

Brock – I don't want to distract from your comments regarding the V output of the 8-step but I'm interested in how you intend to use the 8-step assuming you can get the output range to match?