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there are so many possible waveshapes available especially once you add the second LFO I'm not sure if I'd use the 8-step here either.

I do see your point there.  Some of my main targets in the PitchFactor are the parameters that don't have an LFO.  Maybe a shallow vibrato added to the H910/949.  The filters in the Octaver.  Feedback in any algorithm with delay, or delay times (especially Diatonic, where the longest delay determines the feedback length).

To me, the best part about designing your own 'LFOs' is the discrete steps feature (or not, with glide capability).  The ability to 'jump' from one value to the next without the intervening positions.  For example, hammer-on or pulloff trills a fifth apart.  You may be able to do that in the Harmodulator, but not tapping alternately between unison and fourths, fifths, & octaves.

Expand that to step flanging, pitch mixing between two harmony intervals, or user-programmable MURF-type filter cutoffs and resonance.  It appears that – using the Play and Reset buttons – it'd be possible for one-shot operation of the sequence.  Think chromatic up / down 'bends', or a burst of gliding diatonic intervals; available at the touch of a footswitch.

…  I'm interested in how you intend to use the 8-step assuming you can get the output range to match?

In addition to the comments above, I've always been interested in ways to customize my own 'Harpeggiator' patterns using other algorithms.  I don't use that algo a whole lot as designed, but I embrace the concept when I can  'roll my own'.  It may be as simple as an octave up every sixteenth step, or as complex as a programmed repeating riff to match the guitar phrasing.

With a sequencer pointing at – say, the Harmodulator – you're not limted to the 26 sequences, 16 steps per-pattern, sequence rhythm, or the intervals that make up a custom sequence.

One other main interest is in automating key & scale changes in the Diatonic / Quadravox modes.  I do that now with MIDI footswitching, but automation takes the fancy footwork out of the equation.  Admittedly, this is territory for a full-featured MIDI sequencer, with changes spread out in terms of measures and verse/chorus.

I'd like to see what could be accomplished within the pedalboard, though, with a relatively small footprint.  That way, it may be possible to synchronize effects with some of the other MIDI-challenged pedals living alongside the PitchFactor.