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That sounds like the ARP synth from Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein'.  This basic preset should get you fairly close (playing A above the open high E string).  You'll have to tweak the settings for an exact duplication:


Mix = WET:50

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = A: UNISON

Pitch B = B: UNISON

Delay A = 10 ms.

Delay B = 20 ms.

(encoder) = HMODLTR / TMP: OFF

Depth / Key = DP: +P5

Speed / Scale = SPD:  70

Xnob = RAMP-DN

Ynob = FBK:  25


(EXP PED Heel) =  SPD:  70

(EXP PED Toe) =  SPD:  100


In the video, the preset demonstration also adds expression pedal control over the Xnob (waveshape).  Over a few tries, I couldn't get changing waveshapes to sound similar to what I was hearing.  To me, it sounded like RAMP-DN (sawtooth modulation) all the way.

The Delay A, Delay B, and Ynob (feedback) settings are optional.  It sounded a little 'thicker' than 0 ms.  I put Depth / Key at a perfect fifth above, but +1OCT is a little steeper.  You can use 'negative' intervals, but then the 'GunRays' will be shooting from two different directions.

Another way to approach it would be to set Pitch A & Pitch B up a fifth (or an octave), and have the modulation drift down to your input note pitch ('unison').