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… how to achieve Bellamy's sound in "map of the problematique" with my pedals.. There's something similar to, but want the harpeggiator working like this …

I wish that I had better news here.  There are only a limited number [26 plus random] of fixed pitch patterns in the HarPeggiator.  None of them are what you're looking for.  I've come up with an interesting preset or two in the HarPeggiator that comes fairly close to this song, but it's not the same feel or pattern found in Muse – 'MotP'.

Here's the 16-step pitch sequence that you'd need in the Harpeggiator.  To reproduce this exactly, you'll have to have an external sequencer of some kind, and use another PitchFactor algorithm to pull this off.  The HarModulator or H910/H949 would be good choices (anything with +/- 1 octave and unison).

But I used the Diatonic / Quadravox MIDI CC values here.  The default MIDI CC numbers (in the global System settings) would be CC34 – Pitch A and CC35 – Pitch B.  Of course, the PitchFactor will have to be set up to receive MIDI messages, on the proper MIDI Channel.

Map of The Problematique Pitch Sequence (Diatonic or Quadravox)

01]  -1 oct  (CC Value 33)

02]  unison  (CC Value 64)

03]  +1 oct  (CC Value 94)

04]  unison  (CC Value 64)

05]  +1 oct  (CC Value 94)

06]  unison  (CC Value 64)

07]  -1 oct  (CC Value 33)

08]  unison  (CC Value 64)

09]  +1 oct  (CC Value 94)

10]  unison  (CC Value 64)

11]  +1 oct  (CC Value 94)

12]  unison  (CC Value 64)

13]  -1 oct  (CC Value 33)

14]  unison  (CC Value 64)

15]  +1 oct  (CC Value 94)

16]  unison  (CC Value 64)


Note:  Each of the PitchFactor algorithms scale their parameters differently, with regards to control via MIDI CC values.  Those listed above apply to the Diatonic & Quadravox modes.  The MIDI CC values for controlling Pitch A & Pitch B would not be the same for HarModulator, H910/H949, etc.  Each algorithm has its own unique number of parameter positions; yet all are scaled over the same 0-127 CC value range.