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Great tune.  And a 'PitchFactor' effect on a harp.  I just had to make a run at this.  Disclaimer:  I found it difficult to catch the effect on the streaming version.  But – to me – it didn't sound like a Crystals effect.  In the opening phrasing, the glides and bends didn't sound reversed.

So, now you're kind of stuck with the PF and an external reverb unit (possibly ducking, through a send, or parallel loop).  Or another delay before an (undelayed) PitchFactor – and faking the reverb. The only other algo with reverb (but no delay) is the Synthonizer.

On the bright side, it appears to be a simple octave up effect; delayed at 1/2 note.  You could use the Diatonic, Quadravox, HarModulator, or H910/H949.  I chose the latter, but each one would have a unique advantage here (doubling, thickening, shallow modulation).  Here's a very basic preset (I guess at about 125-130 BPM):


Mix = WET:50

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = 2:000

Pitch B = 2.000

Delay A = 1/2

Delay B = 1/2

(encoder) = 910/949 / TMP ON

Depth / Key = MODERN

Speed / Scale = CHROMTC -or- NORMAL

Xnob = FBKA: 0

Ynob = FBKB: 0


I used both pitch shifters.  You can thicken it up by using Speed / Scale = NORMAL and dropping Pitch B to 1.992 – plus or minus.  One reason that I chose the H910/H949 is that you can add a subtle (or dramatic) 'barberpole octave' effect.  Change the Xnob = FBKA: 40 and Ynob = FBKB: 40.   It makes up for the lack of reverb in a unique way.

I just picked up a Pitchfactor (to use with harmonica)

If you haven't already, test out the various System settings under Utilities -> Source.  SYNLEAD sacrifices some of the polyphony sensing of the default GUITAR setting.  I've found that it works well with monophonic input.

Now I'm curious:  What kind of mic are you using (or is it a Green Bullet)?  How is the PitchFactor handling any extraneous noise pickup?  I imagine it's like anything else – accurate technique leads to cleaner results.