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I have the other 2 Factors and Space if that opens up more possibilities.

I can't help you with the ModFactor, but I have a couple of raw ideas for the PitchFactor.  Neither one is ideal.  Your best bet is still the Modfactor.

The basic "Mutron" preset in this post uses the Octaver algo, which might range a little too low for "-onbass"SynthWahPedal  here is just that – an expression pedal-controlled wah sound.  Synthonizer algorithm – no envelope control available.

a wetter, squishier, quack, wah sound like a Mutron.

I have a first-run Mutron III pedal here.  The Gain control (and its mild-to-outrageous distortion) plays a big part in the final sound.  You'll see a lot of vocal/formant filters accentuate the effects with at least some internal pre-distortion.

Of course, the 'classic' setup is lowpass filter [LP Mode], driven upwards to quite a high Peak frequency (Low or High Range depending on the instrument).  But you can get some milky sweeps with bandpass or highpass mode, and a nice synth-y attack with Drive (sweep direction) Down.

Best I got.  Maybe this will give you some starting points.